Why don't we

...celebrate wedding anniversaries in community? I know most couples will do something together, except when you get somewhere around year 14 and you have children and one day you wake up realizing both of you missed your anniversary. I know couples also celebrate their 50th with a big bash.

Today is our 4 year anniversary. Friends who have known me for awhile are usually astonished at how fast the time has gone. Others ask us when we're having kids. Actually, that question hasn't stopped since we first got married. It's the married couple's equivalent of "what's your major?"

As we looked towards today, I told Bryan that next year we should throw ourselves a party and invite our friends to celebrate our anniversary. If we have parties to celebrate the individual every year (birthdays), why shouldn't we celebrate the couple more often? We celebrate many lesser things - at the end of every October, Erma's foster mom from SPCA throws a puppy birthday party for her and her daughters. For marriage celebrations, Year 0 to Year 50 seems like a rather large gap.

I think it would be a great encouragement to us as a couple and to our friends as well. Also, I noticed that people tend to be more willing to gather for key events such as birthdays. I don't mind having another reason to bring friends together, especially given our busy lives. Look for an evite coming near you in a year!


Tyler said...

Happy anniversary!

peggy said...

you guys are one of my fav married couples :)

Jerrissimo said...

With that picture for an oepning, I thought you were going to talk about China ^_^

But anyways, Happy belated anniversary.

Juliana said...

I am totally totally totally in support of communities celebrating marriage! Whoohoo! Let's start a movement...sorry i missed your anniversary, I knew it was coming but got caught up in my whole 'how do I feel about turning 29' conversation (decided I am fine with it). Want to start group celebrations on our anniversary? We have Tristan and its midweek...maybe we'll do a soup night. :) Of course by then you all might be sick of celebrating the Tadanos...(3 bdays and anniversary in Sept/Oct!)