I heart tall, dark, and handsome

... and lately I've developed a new celebrity crush slash admiration slash mild obsession. I've never been one to jump on the hot celebrity bandwagon. When I was in elementary school and the group formerly known as New Kids on the Block were all the rage, I didn't have a favorite Kid. While all my friends had paraphernalia such as sleeping bags, binder, pillow cases, etc. etc. I was... meh.

However I've always been drawn to the tall, dark, and handsome (didn't I get lucky in marriage!?). My last such interest was Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine. Not only was the tall, dark, and handsome thing attractive, but I loved the whole fighting inner demons thing. Not that I want that in real life (too complicated), but there's something so fascinating about watching a man wrestling to tame his internal and external being.

Lately I've moved on to Christian Bale!! Dark Knight was the summer blockbuster hit and I absolutely loved it. I never felt so much for a superhero before, and I actually felt depressed-ish for a couple hours afterwards. I kept telling Bryan, it's so sad! I feel so bad for Batman! I ate up all the can't pursue your true love for the sake of saving humanity and on top of that you have to be an outlaw bit.

Christian Bale is hands down the best Batman. After reading more about him on wikipedia, I learned he's one of those actors dedicated to the craft and doesn't really care about the glam and glitz of Hollywood celebrity. He shuns the public and requests privacy from the paparazzi. Unheard of!

I also heart Netflix and for the first time I rented a movie because Netflix thought I might like it. I hightly recommend "The Prestige." First of all, it stars Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. Two tall, dark, and handsome men brooding at each other in competitiveness that will drive them to destroy each other. There were multiple twists in the plot, and I didn't see the very last one coming.

Christian Bale movies are lining up in my Netflix que. Next: The Machinist. He lost 60 pounds to accurately portray his character. That's dedication!


Anonymous said...

Christian Bale is climbing onto my non-sexual crush list, along with the character Aragorn and Ewan McGregor. He's amazing and I'm surprised he doesn't get more recognition. Of course after The Dark Knight, that will likely change. I hope he keeps up choosing interesting films (like 3:10 to Yuma). I absolutely agree that he's the best Batman. He's also the best Bruce Wayne. And it's the best-written Wayne/Batman we have -- I say this as a fan of Tim Burton and Michael Keaton's films.

Glad you liked The Prestige. I thought it was fascinating. I don't know if you saw this, but it's actually written and directed by Christopher Nolan, the same guy who's been co-writing and directing the new Batman movies. Here's to hoping he and Bale (and Michael Caine) work together for a long time.

Wendy said...

Oh man, I really want to watch _The Dark Knight_ now!

crystalpchau said...

oops, i forgot to log out of the 1000 wells account. but aaanyways,

i [heart] (i still don't know how to make the heart symbols on computers...) wolverine. He can sing AND dance!

..now, if christian bale only had a beard more often...=P

Jerrissimo said...

I first saw him in Little Woman; he was adorable and it was definitely one of his more lighter works. Very swoon worthy (I should use VSW as a term for anything that fits under that category).

I haven't seen the Dark Knight, though I'm not certain I want to be looking at dark and introspective films right now. ^_^

Alice in Wonderland said...

Oh yeah, I totally agree. Christian Bale is a cool tall drink of water! Check him out in Rescue Dawn (adorable!) and 3:10 Yuma (hot!). Enjoy.