I hate being

... stuck in Jr. High. I realized I was being very lame about Facebook. Somehow I began equating the adding of friends to some sort of popularity how cool is the pegpie meter. Whenever I met somebody new, the first thing I did when I got home was to see if they were on Facebook. Admit it, all of you, that you do the same thing (note to self: ponder and perhaps blog about the stalkerish nature of FB and human nature in general).

If I found them, I wouldn't add them. Instead, I would wait for them to add me. Somehow their initiation affirmed that I was cool or interesting enough and therefore worthy of FB friendship. If they didn't, I'd feel slight pangs of teenage devastation. Yes, I recognize that slight devastation is an oxymoron.

While accepting various requests of friendship, I realized that most people add friends without thinking too deeply about it. I bet Tim Tran (whoever you are) didn't have to think twice about his request. Even I love using the People You May Know feature and don't care if I haven't talked to so and so's friend for years. I've added people "just because." Making new friends on FB has nothing to do with my "cool" factor.

I need to take after Bryan's example. My husband wants to be to Facebook what Tila Tequila was to MySpace. He is a fiend when it comes to adding new friends, er... acquaintances, er... visual recognition but never held a conversation. He never thinks twice about who he's adding. I'm taking notes and implementing said mindset. No human left behind.


Wendy said...

Haha.. what a great post :) You're so fun pegs! love the honesty. totally relate!

crystalpchau said...

hHAHA! o man.

About a day after I graduated,I went on a friend purge and went through ALL my facebook friends and deleted people. Is that wrong? I think over 150 ppl went goodbye...that's the result of 3 yrs of NSO events and 1000 wells tabling i suppose =P.

After I finished weeding out the Zs on my list, my computer felt slightly lighter. I've only had a few re-adds with "Wow, I thought we were friends already, can't believe we went so long without being official facebook friends!" remarks. oopsies =P

pegpie said...

Hm, that's a good idea too, especially for the random people who sends me weird apps and invite me to events I'll never attend. Ack, what to do! Peer pressure of Jr. High is haunting me!

Juliana said...

Pegs, call me a freak, I have never wondered about this. I have never felt FB pain like you describe...maybe because I have resigned myself to small town life and don't expect to be connected to the larger world anymore? Of course, I don't intent to ever go to a high school reunion either, so maybe its a personality thing. I am going back to my cave now...

peggy said...

bryan = tila?
that doesn't sit well with me!