sex and the city... really!

I saw it tonight with my housemate Shannon after winning tickets through a drawing. Finally, after months of anticipation I found out whether or not Carrie and Big get married, if anybody dies, and which scenes are dream sequences.

It was fabulous although it espoused many values I didn't really agree with. Here's my estrogen boost for the month!

sex and the world

My Human Sexuality professor from my MFT program has a blog that addresses important issues regarding sex and sexuality. The title of my blog actually stemmed from taking his class, although I admit that there hasn't been too much sex talk recently.

His blog brought to my attention a news story that one would say is beyond atrocious. I showed Bryan the story and he pointed out that it is great evidence for the depravity of humanity. Sometimes if I watch enough Oprah, I may start believing that people are generally good and have goodness in them. I need to remind myself that Oprahland is as fictional as The Shire.



Why write my own entry when someone else so aptly described my vacation?

Highlight of the trip: Boston Red Sox's Lester had a historic no-hitter against Kansas City


T-shirt mania!

If I actually wore tshirts, I'd probably wear more shirts that have those witty slogans or fun pictures on them. The only one I have I got from China for about a buck fifty, and it's of a bunch of pandas performing the 24 moves of tai chi... or was it 32? My friend Vicky also has a cool panda shirt that I admire. I do heart pandas, or at least cartoon ones.

Once in awhile, I will enjoy perusing the tshirt sites to chuckle at. Not at threadless.com though - their pictures often confuse me. Here are some tshirt images from noisebot.com I find amusing!

One of these days when these tshirts go out of style, we get to say "That's so late 2000s!"

I'm trying to find enough time to blog meaningfully, but not very successfully.