The 10 Perks of Bed Rest

Hospital Food

A lot of people have been giving me sympathy about being on bed rest. People say stuff like, you're so tough, hang in there, you're making such a big sacrifice for your baby! Actually it hasn't been hard like people have imagined. With wireless Internet, visitors, 1000 piece puzzles, books, it's been more than tolerable. Besides, I didn't choose into this so I don't really feel "tough." Tough is reserved for those who train for marathons and those who climb Mount Everest. I don't feel very sacrificial either... it's more just common sense to stay in bed because the doctors told me so and if I don't my baby will fall out.

Anyway, I thought I'd give folks an idea of the perks of bed rest so y'all don't feel so bad for me. :)

1. There's a hotel/spa aspect to bed rest. The nurses are all really kind and always bring by food and drinks. My water pitcher is never empty and I can order cheese quesadillas for afternoon snacks.

2. I can be a couch potato guilt free. I used to feel bad if I vegged out in front of the tv for more than 2 hours. Now I can do it as much as I want and nobody can accuse me of being lazy.

3. Visitors! I have had so many visitors that some days I get tired out. Friends, family, and students have been so kind to drive all the way out to Sac to see me. And people are extra nice.

4. The baked goods that come with the visitors. I have had cookies and muffins galore. I can help myself to 2-3 at a time, and again, without feeling guilty.

5. Puzzle making. I love making puzzles. I daresay I'm a puzzle genius. I haven't made puzzles in years however, but bed rest has allowed me to spend hours and hours focused on putting together jigsaw puzzles.

6. Learning about anatomy. I now know more about cervices and uteri (had to look up how to pluralize these words) than anybody could ever want to know. Apparently I have a relatively weak and dynamic cervix. Ask me if you want more details. I know what contractions feel like, and I know that emptying my bladder can help calm down my uterus.

7. Saving money. Our wonderful health insurance provides three square meals a day. The food is pretty decent and I get a pretty extensive menu. For example, I had Chicken Lombardy and Eggplant Parmesan for lunch!

8. Being thankful for little things. Who knew walking to the bathroom and taking showers were privileges?

9. No request is ever too demanding. Can you pick that up? Can you grab that book? Can I have more water? Could you bring me some Thai food? Of course, it's not like I have been asking for the moon.

10. No one expects anything from me. I've been able to do some admin stuff for work and converse with some students, and anything I do is considered a bonus. If I don't reply to an email in a timely manner, people don't get mad. If I say no to something, people are very understanding.

Overall, I have been felt very thankful and blessed by God and my community through all this. So friends, no need to shed any tears for me!


crystalpchau said...

by golly, you make me want to be on bedrest. I wonder if I have a dynamic cervix.

Jerrissimo said...

Nice to know it's not so miserable ^^

insaknitty said...

what? no knitting?? ;) I'm glad to hear you're doing well! I hope you get some good channels in the hospital. :)

Shaheema said...

wow i really enjoyed this post! it really puts everything in perspective! and take care :)

Anonymous said...

i liked this...i veg out all the time, its my fav pass time...actually just ordered a pizza and watchin crappy vh1 reruns...ah...living the american dream!

dyeve said...

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