And yet, another rant

... about how Christians baffle me.

Tonight was the finale for American Idol and against all odds the underdog, Kris Allen, won. As I perused Facebook and Twitter afterwards I saw a trend. Most if not all of the Kris fans were devout Christians. Interesting...

And then I saw one Christian express disappointment that Adam didn't win. Someone commented on that status with something like did you know Kris Allen is a worship leader? God is good! There were a smattering of other status updates giving glory to God.

My immediate reaction was huh, what does God's goodness and glory have to do with a talent competition?

Yes, I understand that Kris can now be a light in the world. Maybe it'll make up for the debacle that was Clay Aiken, another professing believer.

For me I feel somewhat embarrassed when I see stuff like this. I think it speaks to how much Christians don't understand the world and what it means to actually LIVE in the world. It's certainly not a strong testimony to post stuff like this online. For the most part I know non-Christians see stuff like that and it only affirms their understanding of Christians as mindless drones. It shows them that Christians aren't able to be intelligent critics. Find me one person in the music industry that will actually say that Kris is a better musician than Adam. Even Kris admitted that Adam should have won. I'll give him props for that - he had the humility to realize he was the inferior artist.

In some ways, I'll admit that Kris had the more accessible music. Translate that to boring, easy pop music. Adam was a true artist and he's someone with the potential to span decades (see KISS on wikipedia).

End rant.


Alice in Wonderland said...

I'm just shocked that you posted! OMG. Your rant reminds me of the oft repeated sentiment when we were in junior high, how Christians should only listen to "Christian music". Amy Grant was maligned as somewhat of a sellout. ha ha. Most evangelical Christians don't understand how Christ intersects with culture, unfortunately--and it creates some pretty inferior cultural experiences for Christians...and I guess, in this case, America.

Anonymous said...

I remember a comedian who remarked about athletes who thank God for good performances that you never hear a guy on the losing team say, "God caused me to fumble on the forty-yard line." I don't really care about American Idol, but I find it interesting that Christians are so passionate about choosing an "idol," and finding it a part of God's work that a Christian wins the contest. Are we supposed to be in the idol-making business? I know it's a talent show and it really doesn't matter what the title is. I know we worship all sorts of people and things that aren't God. Still, most of those things aren't so blatant to have the word "idol" in the name. Anyway, I must now go sit in front of my Joe Montana shrine and pray for a good season for the Niners.

pegpie said...

Yeah... that's pretty ironic that Christians are getting so excited about a show called American "Idol."