I heart China

...and if you didn't know that, then you really don't know me at all.

I was in China during the summer of 2001 when they first announced the win for the Olympic bid. I was astonished by the emotional reaction from our Chinese friends. They cheered, they shouted, they cried, they celebrated. I had never felt that way for an Olympics held in the US.

I get to have a Chinese American understanding of the Olympics, an understanding backed by compassion for China and its people along with some shame over our country's current reputation. Here are some articles others wrote that I really resonate with:

Forbidden Clich├ęs: A guide for visiting journalists

A lot of injokes. Having gone to China multiple times, I commiserate with the author. Most of these things cause my eyes to roll too.

My Friends, What Do You Want From Us?
I think this aptly describes the sentiment of the Chinese on its relationship with the Western world. It references some history stuff, and it paints a bigger picture of the ongoing tensions over the last 200 years.

Where does China fit in the West's understanding of the world?
Somewhat heady but dialogue over this would be eye-opening.

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