I heart chicken

When I was a kid, I had a thing for chicken... eating chicken. I loved chicken so much that I thought all meat was called chicken. At meals, I would tell my mom, "I want that piece of chicken, and that piece of chicken," pointing to beef and pork dishes.

Yesterday I had my hair done at a Chinese salon in Milpitas. There are many things one would expect at a Chinese establishment in the bay area (or anywhere, for that matter)... a flat screen hanging on the wall would be one of them. And of course, it was playing music videos. It was going to be either that or Korean soaps.

I saw the video below. The words are in Mandarin.

It was one of the most cute and bizarre things I've ever seen. Some of the lyrics say things like:

I don't want to say I'm safe
I can't ignore the misunderstanding of people
Eat my meat, I don't mind
Take my eggs, I am willing
We've become the transmitters of the bird flu
You can't live in a world without chickens

Hm. I have a craving for some chicken now. Let's go see what's in the fridge.


Mark said...

What a cute birdie!

crystalpchau said...

hHAha! oh that is cute =) and yes...really,really, incredibly random =)