I love my in-laws.

I am no less than blessed with the family I married into. They are easygoing, incredibly helpful, and have a great relationship with Isaac. When I was on bedrest my mother-in-law did our laundry and the dishes and it kind of just continued. My father-in-law is a handyman, personal assistant, and chauffeur. They do all this willingly and lovingly.

And at the same time the parents I currently have makes me think of the parents I no longer have. I can't help it, comparison is a bitch.

Whenever we go out to Chinese food and chow mein is ordered, I'm reminded of a life where it never was. I get either mad or sad (I can't tell which it is, probably both) that nowadays eating Chinese food with family really means eating American food. Honey Walnut Prawns? That's the dish the non-Chinese at wedding banquets want.

Grief over my parents being gone is this: the life that I live is not the life I thought I would live. Everything is different.

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Wendy said...

i'm glad you're blessed with such great in-laws.. thanks for sharing about the grief. so true what you say.. are you coming down to south bay anytime this summer?