So sad...

My blog has been so sad and neglected. I frequently have epiphanies for blog topics but am never near a computer to get it out on "paper." I recently downloaded an iphone app that is an idea organizer so I can record ideas for later use.

The saddest thing about my neglected blog is that random people leave comments on it with links to what I can only imagine are XXX websites. I guess it's my fault for calling my blog "sex and the country."

Perhaps I've set the bar too high. The subtitle of the blog states: my irreverent and potentially irrelevant thoughts trying to work themselves out. First of all I need to be irreverent. Easily done if I throw in a cuss word here or there, right? Secondly, my entries need to be potentially irrelevant... POTENTIALLY being the key word because it's just a "witty" guise for how relevant I think I am, ha!

It usually takes me at least an hour to complete a blog post because I put it through many edits and revisions to make sure I get my thoughts across. Who has that time nowadays?

Perhaps I need to screw perfection and just get whatever out there as a discipline and exercise. We'll see how it goes.

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john said...

So I just re-stumbled upon your blog..

Peggy I like how you started your blog entry with, "I frequently have epiphanies..."

Interesting juxtaposition of words.

what now! :P


Master of Epiphanies.