Much Ado About Nothing

I wish I could be like one of those people who had a theme blog. At one point, I thought I could devote my blog to cool places like the tea tasting bar or the hot chocolate cafe I tried recently and loved. I could talk about how I bought some lichee iced tea and have been brewing the deliciousness at home. But then I realized I don't do stuff like that often enough to warrant a blog devoted to it. Actually, I don't do hardly anything with any amount of consistency that would constitute a theme.

There's a blog devoted to a photograph of a woman's breakfast every morning. The pictures are tasteful if not inspiring me to eat more healthy. Alas, I don't eat breakfast every day.

I could blog about my hobbies like my design friends or the gardening and sewing blogs I read. My hobbies however, are often short-lived. Tiff Tao is moving away and I have no one to sew with. My tomatoes are puny and unimpressive. I've managed to eat two zucchinis off of what is supposed to be an easy and prolific plant. I did consider blogging about mating my zucchinis. This is after all, Sex and the Country.

I wish I could blog reviews about books, movies, music. It's not often that I find such things inspiring enough to warrant a post, and when I do I can't seem to settle myself enough to write a piece that I'd actually be proud of. I'm just not dedicated to the "arts" like some friends I admire... I'm really just a poser.

So here I am... blogging about what I can't blog about. I will press on since I realize this writing exercise is good for stimulating my brain. With the summer heat my brain is melting, especially having watched "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" on Hulu.com. Guilty pleasure. Getting rid of MTV was so bittersweet.

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Wendy said...

I love your blog! It's fun and entertaining (and thought-provoking at times) and that's what blogs are about, even if there's no theme. It's you and that's enough of a theme for me! Dooce is awesome and she just blogs about whatever :)